Faded wool and cotton lace the corridors of my mind.
Searching for an answer I know that
Only time will find
Open, oh open the doors to my thoughts
Bound and fraught by discrepancy, indecision leaks out

Help me, oh help me to see a little clearer
I know that while I can sense I cannot see the answer

Let me free,
Let me sink into me
Let me be
Let me read into me

Confusion can be beautiful
If you take a passive role
The rubber band inevitably stretches
Its timbre deeps with every step

The melody rolls on as you walk away from home
The invisible plot that you carry in your pocket
It isn’t for your eyes to see

The piercing laughter breaks your skull
Pornographic lens and all
They’re carrying on without you
Or was it every about you?

I don’t have legs that allow me to move
From this voyeuristic stare directed at everything they do
Don’t you see me in the air,
This porcelain figure I’ve become
Falling down to meet the ground
Fragments reflecting fragments reflecting fragments
And it stops

I know that I can find Apollo’s feast
If I squint a little harder
Make it easy for me to unpeel the grime that I’ve covered myself in
It seems about time that we all unwind and
Face the facts of our reality
Reaching a conclusion is a mere delusion if you expect it to come easily

Let me be
Let me fall into me
Let me breathe
Let me read into me

Dig a little deeper now
Before you fade off to sleep
In due time you may find
There are secrets that you keep

Let go of your insanity
The parts that lurk deep within
In due time you may find
Those skeletons are your kin

Let me be
Let me sink into me
Let me free
Let me, let me fester into me


from p i n k & t e a l, released April 30, 2015



all rights reserved


the TUSKS band Ann Arbor, Michigan

The TUSKS band began in the Winter of 2014 at the University of Michigan where they met as friends and students. Initially, the project set out to perform the electronic compositions of Steven Stavropoulos, yet quickly morphed into a quartet of artistically diverse collaborative composers with a wide and diverse array of artistic backgrounds. ... more

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