p i n k & t e a l

by the TUSKS band

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It seems to walk just to move the ground It seems to rain just to see if anybody is around The ticks and the tocks seems to muster up the wind It seems losing when or where to begin Retrospective failure realized From the sight of sore and tired eyes Oh, the afterglow of hope waning We all know what it feels like to be waiting Oh, don’t it feel so cold? Tired and dizzy and you don’t know where to go Oh, don’t it feel good to know? Precious hours drifting back and forth, To and fro Oh, don’t it feel so cold? Tired and dizzy and you don’t know where to go Oh, don’t it feel good to note Precious hours drifting back and forth, To and fro It seems to move just to contextualize the space It seems to drum just to feel its hands reverberate The easily severed friction seems to ignite stay sparks Letting us know we’re not moving alone in the dark Walking with your hands tied behind your back Walking just to facilitate the right tack Scrimping and saving feels right some days Time to retain, time to retrain Precious hours drifting back and forth
Skyscape 04:57
Look at my arms Can’t you see that they’re not outstretched for you? Drop all your charms Don’t you know they’re not following through? The chills I’m emanating are now directed at your fragile tongue Sharpness won’t dictate which wars you’ve won Let go of your illusions, You’re not proving yourself to noone I’ve been liking this skyscape, But I could use an escape Sticky fingers Uncouth lingering between the spots you don’t know That’s where love grows Starry night What felt right doesn’t fit anymore The quest for intent Was too great an extent to grant me liberty The density of my current state Has disconnected, I can’t relate - Is this what it feels like to control? I’ve been liking this skyscape, But I could use an escape … … I’ve been liking this skyscape but I could use any escape Though I haven’t tried just yet Each day fills my mouth with regret But I fall back to your embrace, Everytime fills my mouth with distaste As we saunter back to sleep Leave my dreams, they make me weak I’ve been liking this skyscape, but I could use an escape I’ve been liking this skyscape, but I could use an escape
I have travelled through the troves of the undisciplined I have rolled in the same mud as the hedonistically absurd I have assassinated superman himself and created a moral monument of the ideal me in his stead I have knocked down too many walls I fear the bear that’s hibernating and waiting for me I have I have I was waiting patiently for your hand to graze me but I feel so uneased without that pleasure Tighten up your grip swiftly and wake me from this sleep that’s got me snorin’ deep I need that sweet Dreamy states can follow us as you drift through those plush cannons of ivy won’t someone help Skip the railing, skip the stairs this one way’s in repair won’t you strip it bare and start again I was walking on clouds With your dreams in my hands And your head dripping past my grip Come and cover me, unapologetically With the might of an incouragable beast Drift below, drift below, Below the surface, go go go Drift below, drift below, Below the surface, go go I can’t be a 24-hour romantic but I still want you to stick it I have been oscillating between the dichotomies of Have and have not and have and have not and have not and have Comforted with silent strokes Trigger happy easy tokes Separate the night from the light Wait wait and we’ll go Separate the night from the light Wait wait and we’ll go
Hintzen Bomb 06:21
Dreamy conspiracy, A cloaked figuring inviting Masquerade in the dark So tempting to be lead apart Tackled by a blacked sense of awe Tethered like you’ve never been before Structure is attractive when endowed Oh what do you want? Oh where are you now? Again you’re mixed up with your spiraled ways Again you’re fixin’, trying to get away A foot in the mud and another one far behind You can’t seem to grasp it You’re losing the concept of time Hidden by the white veins in your mind Pressure that is pushing on your eyes Answer it is creeping up behind Oh where are you now? Oh what have you found? So simple, when it starts the moving. Broke intention, lightning strikes What are you waiting for? Did you notice How many that you had to bat away And did you know How to discover your fear It was in disguise Cobwebs pushing and weaving Lost what you’ve found Lost what you’ve found Regain your sense of direction Stretch feel the branches moving Shedding starlight in your way Footsteps slow encroaching on all the states of play It was so simple It was so simple So simple It was so simple Glasses half full of bitterness What had come before slipping out through an unmarked door
Savor Union 03:04
Always callin’, infidel hi Some take husbands I break down and cry Who can I trust to fix? My life is the love of my life is the love of my life is the love of my life My life is the love of my life is the love of my life is the love of my life Lazing around, forget solid ground Because we’re here to greet you Place your feet in my outstretched hands Forget your plans, save reunion Embrace the ground Save reunion, embrace the sound
Chills 09:00
Faded wool and cotton lace the corridors of my mind. Searching for an answer I know that Only time will find Open, oh open the doors to my thoughts Bound and fraught by discrepancy, indecision leaks out Help me, oh help me to see a little clearer I know that while I can sense I cannot see the answer Let me free, Let me sink into me Let me be Let me read into me Confusion can be beautiful If you take a passive role The rubber band inevitably stretches Its timbre deeps with every step The melody rolls on as you walk away from home The invisible plot that you carry in your pocket It isn’t for your eyes to see The piercing laughter breaks your skull Pornographic lens and all They’re carrying on without you Or was it every about you? I don’t have legs that allow me to move From this voyeuristic stare directed at everything they do Don’t you see me in the air, This porcelain figure I’ve become Falling down to meet the ground Fragments reflecting fragments reflecting fragments And it stops I know that I can find Apollo’s feast If I squint a little harder Make it easy for me to unpeel the grime that I’ve covered myself in It seems about time that we all unwind and Face the facts of our reality Reaching a conclusion is a mere delusion if you expect it to come easily Let me be Let me fall into me Let me breathe Let me read into me Dig a little deeper now Before you fade off to sleep In due time you may find There are secrets that you keep Let go of your insanity The parts that lurk deep within In due time you may find Those skeletons are your kin Let me be Let me sink into me Let me free Let me, let me fester into me
Cold 02:41
Trickle 03:50
Hold on to the beginning Tighten on your babysteps Secure a place where you feel safe Don’t stray Don’t stray Don’t stray Anymore Don’t fear for you identity or some thumbs Challenges are plenty, just for fun. Trickle trickle trickle down The escape that you made when you thought you could grow Fickle fickle fickle heart Blown back to the start Don’t think it will stop


"...I have to be honest. Your album is my breakfast music. I listen to it every morning...you guys have a sound."
- Ji Hoon Kang - Freelance Saxophonist, Bass Player, member of J.L.A


released April 30, 2015

All Composition & Arrangement by the TUSKS band
Rebecca Rosen
Isaac Levine
Steve Stavropoulos
Dylan Greene

Isaac Levine

Recording Engineers
Jonathan Chun
Austin Stawowczyk
Isaac Levine

Additional Artists
Ji Hoon Kang - Tenor Saxophone - Hintzen
Jeff Garcia - Trumpet - Hintzen
Tim Barrett - Guitar - Skyscape, Sludge Brother, Hintzen
Nick Williams - Vocals - Sludge Brother

Recorded at the Duderstadt Audio Studio, Ann Arbor . MI
"Skyscape" recorded at The 804 Bill Haus, Ann Arbor . MI

Album Art
3-d modeling and rendering by Steven Stavropoulos
source photos by Nick Williams

Album Design
Nick Tilma
Audrey Stanton

Art Direction
Steve Stavropoulos
Dylan Greene


all rights reserved



the TUSKS band Ann Arbor, Michigan

The TUSKS band began in the Winter of 2014 at the University of Michigan where they met as friends and students. Initially, the project set out to perform the electronic compositions of Steven Stavropoulos, yet quickly morphed into a quartet of artistically diverse collaborative composers with a wide and diverse array of artistic backgrounds. ... more

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